This Land | By Lawal Kafayat Gold

Alárá, have you seen our land-
Invaded by cankerworm
Ìbàjé is our new king
Ajerò, you’ve gone for so long
Òtító has left our land
This land…

Olúgbón, in your days,
Ìfé was seen around
Àìmo tara eni nìkan was a citizen.
But now…

Owá òràngún, in fire do we now roast ourselves
our pleasure is in our brother’s tears
òràngún àga, why?
Why did you take alafia with you?

Arèsà, òbàyéjé has ruined your beloved
Iró has taken total control
Èrú itself now terrorise us

Alálè ilè yí òòô,
we sleep with an eye opened
Ìpayà leaves at our backyard
Death is mixed with the air we breathe

Our land is defiled
Ìwà rere is long gone
our conscience has been murdered
we feed orè with its seeds

Olúwéré ò, come fight a cleansing war
you and your truncheon
Let ìrókò kill our defilers
Hit them with the truncheon
that they won’t escape

Olú igbó, come out into town
form alliance with Olúwéré
Olú igbó, fight this war

Òrìsà Oko, arise!!!
Bring your garawa of blessing to this land
Let it come upon our land
Òjò mìnì

Eeri ò,
the fair woman beneath the sea
Olúweri, enter into the homes of òbàyéjé
Màgbóòjò, take them with you to your abode
cleanse this land

Ilè oò, arise and fight your cause
become slippery for them
make all òbàyéjé fall!!!

Òrìsà òkè,
send ìwà rere back to us
Let ìfé come first
enthrone àláfíà once again
Let òtító rule our hearts
Heal this land!!!

Lawal Kafayat Gold (Kaffy, as popularly called) is currently a part time (ND III) student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, studying Public Administration. She writes lucid and free flowing poems and stories and is Winner of the online WS80 competition. She is also a performance poet.


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