Time, Memory, Leaving… | By Rasaq Malik Gbolahan

At this present moment of my life my ears are tuned to the song of leaving. However, the first thought is not leaving; it is not the eternal absence of a soul. The first thought, to me, is a temporal transformation in the setting of my life, my habitat, of what I desire and what I vehemently distaste. It is undisputable that every living thing changes as life experiences metamorphosis.

I will miss my girlfriend. She calls always, and I hope she continues to do so. In as much as the rope of love remains unstrained, we will continue to mock distance. We will continue to explore the intricacies of love by messaging on Whatsapp, 2go, Facebook. Sincerely, I miss those nights of solitary walks. She knows I will miss the usual talks and gists that turn me into a night walker.

But this is love. And in this moment it dawns on me that everything is ephemeral. Time slips and we grapple with the meaning of existence.

Rasaq Malik Gbolahan is a graduate of the University of Ibadan. He is a writer who believes we can change the world through words.


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