Serenading a Thought (I) | By Odeyemi John

This night,
in the lightly serenity of the momentous moment,
I have bought the darkness with my blaring tune.
when stinging silence pierced the one-eyed moon.

I have found the quickening leaves
where the lusting shadow of your aura lives.
O! I have been stung by intruding bees,
give me an elixir to lease the coy leas.

Let the blind sky convict this dream,
from the blurred crystals of oceans in dazzling gleam.
when behind peeling bark of these hopeless trees,
Milton’s lute shall make my coy rhythm free.

Come! Cow me not with your stern stance;
send me not to the gallows of reverie and trance.
My solemn songs shall wrestle the dozing mountains;
for I have pitched my tent in the tongue of your fountains.

So sweet is the reminiscence of enchanting love;
so rude is the cricket’s creaks on the groove;
so moistening is the chilly cold that beset my longing skin;
roaming upon the mirthful surges of spiteful kin.

Photo credit: The Black Art Depot,

Photo credit: The Black Art Depot,

O come! lest hasty morrow brawl your lover’s muse,
the wearied gong bleat like gracian fuse;
Heaven’s choral shall string chorus of grace,
to these blest souls melting in warmth embrace.

Awake, My Lady; behold my horn amidst crawling hills,
where dying lowly valleys wax hot in grills,
where the slothful wind and storm hovers,
As I, bound in lonesomeness and still moving.

Awake to my soulful softly lorn,
lest my words fade far into forlorn.
Your heaving brow my call shall intrude;
to which our thoughts, deeds and coyness be no rude.

Our hearts shall bleat to the coral of God above;
the hope of dead ages may sniff our love.
Come, my Lady, beneath the winding creaks of your window-pane,
to break the chains of weighing pain.

This night my poetic shall tickle your murmuring lips,
to mutter pure melody to scary clips.
O! when sagged jaws are breathing low,
Let’s with the slumbering night trudge so slow.

Odeyemi John is Poet, Writer, Columnist and Teacher of the word of God. His works have featured in different online and print magazines. He won the Jury Press Short Story Competition in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and was also selected as one of the best six in the NYSC/BSN National Essay Competition. He currently serves the National Youth Service Corps program in Zamfara State of Nigeria.


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