Serenading a Thought (II) | By Odeyemi John

(For Music)

The docile stars hide their scorning stares,
across these barren low-lands.
The southern breeze blows in sparkling steers.
I have crossed the Rubicon and cheated the direful bands.
Come down! Leave your flowery bed;
Exhale the phlegm of strangling snore.
The comely doe delves high and spread;
The stilled watchman mumbles his awful sore.

O Lady mine, descend your wholly glamour.
Come, come down when the slothful camel murmurs.

Beyond waving emotions, I know her well,
of lover’s care, she bears a care.
Between her tender pupils, a man can tell,
of one so dear and so fair.
O, true love is but a woman’s toy,
who never know the suitor’s pain.
Must I, who love like a wanton boy,
love in vain or love in gain.

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O wearied dim bulb of heaven,
Let me see the sheen of her glowing hair.
Or is it the brute oil of captured haven?
Sailing hawk, hover not my sultry tent now.
Does my Lady’s soul harbour grief or care,
Or is it hardened like Pharaoh’s brow,
Or does it mutter solemn songs in numb flare?

O, I would I know my Lady’s notion.
No! No! It’s cladded in veiled cloud.
For it once sentenced my feet to motion.
Lady, when you call, call not in the hush tone so frail.
A noble damsel is not made of brail,
where the scorching dew strangle her sprouting oar;
Left to the spanking limbs of famished whore.

My Lady, sit on the oblong tablet of golden castle.
Her humble girdle the jealous Jezebel must wrestle.
The oak tree mourns Lover’s battered dreams.
Stately Sheba sneaks into her sparkling realm.
Come, my Lady for my voice is hoarse;
The tyrant clock tickles in contention with the horse.
Angels’ harps blare not in pain;
For this green union is Heaven’s gain.

With our artful hearts, we may reign,
where the mirthful reaper gathers the grain.
The hasty pilot loathes the grumbling rain.
Let’s with God’s visual lens paddle our adventurous flight;
above the trail of canal longings,
led by the Creator’s pillar of light.

This night…
Like no other,
My poesy shall sound the gong of untainted love,
to the lobe of your rapt ears.

Odeyemi John is Poet, Writer, Columnist and Teacher of the word of God. His works have featured in different online and print magazines. He won the Jury Press Short Story Competition in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and was also selected as one of the best six in the NYSC/BSN National Essay Competition. He currently serves the National Youth Service Corps program in Zamfara State of Nigeria.

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