Thank you for doing it with us—2014!

Hi Friends!

Reviewing our blog posts of 2014 (that is, of this last quarter year we finally started out fully again, since we paused posting at first earlier this year in March)—reviewing now, then, we just couldn’t help but be exuberant in appreciation to you our readers, friends and lovers of what we do, looking back on what we’re doing with you inspiring!

So, a big thank you to our readers, and those who have liked our posts, commented on them, or shared them on social media. And to writers who have shared their most typical works with us for a little showcase of works from here. And finally to all the arts professionals we sent emails to for interviewing and who had taken time out of their busy schedules for us. Thank you all for making 2014 interesting and worth the efforts! Let’s do it again and a lot better 2015 – daring heights!

Kayode Taiwo Olla,
For the Bravearts Team.

(PS. You can expect our website by the wake of 2015 January and a more engaging weblog (media) section, continuing what we’ve started on Bravearts MEDIA, formerly ArtBeats MEDIA. We will sure notify you here too, when we move.)

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