Introducing Bravearts Afrika Bi-annual Magazine

Hello Friends and all lovers of art and literature!

We are excited to share with you one of a couple of new innovative developments we have brought into Bravearts Africa platform. Bravearts Africa, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, will now publish a bi-annual art and literary magazine by the name Bravearts Afrika.

Bravearts Afrika magazine will be published first as a free downloadable full-color PDF edition, released on our website [] twice a year, at the end of each half year—June and December of each year, that is to say. The full color print edition of the two issues in that year will then appear to the art and literary public at the end of the year in December that year. These print editions will go for the first year for little or no price rate at all, and in the year following at a subsidized affordable price.

Each Bravearts Afrika Magazine’s bi-annual issues will be a collection of literary (that is, of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction) and art exhibition pieces that have been thoroughly screened and approved for post by specific genre editors and have been published on the website within that half year. It will also include all the at-least 6 Interviews published on the website within the periods of the 6 months of that half year, and also include a single an exclusive visual, literary or performance art Celebrity Profile cover story, endorsed by the celebrity figure and first published on the website within the period of that half year. Each half year has a Celebrity Profile for the session.

Submissions are therefore always welcome for literary pieces (poems, short stories and works of flash fiction, and creative nonfiction and essays) and art pieces for exhibition (in painting, graphic art, photography, sculpture, moldings, and ceramics). Kindly read the submissions guidelines at the link: http://braveartsafrica/about.html

All submissions that make it to being published on our website within an half year, will be certainly be published in the full-color downloadable PDF edition of the magazine at the end of that half year, and which would be printed at the end of the year in the full-color print edition of the magazine. Ours is a solemn promise of works of quality and standard published on our website and consequently Bravearts Afrika Magazine, hence we strictly maintain that works that do not satisfy our genre editors and ultimately the Managing editor in areas of genre standard and composition quality, may not be published on the website, and consequently in Bravearts Afrika Magazine.

So we call on the art and literary public to look forward to each issue of the bi-annual Bravearts Afrika Magazine, and both the downloadable PDF editions as well as the print editions. Here at Bravearts Africa, we aspire to inspire hearts, through arts! []

Bravearts Africa

Best Regards,
Kayode Taiwo Olla,
For the Team.

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