Joy Isi Bewaji releases her second book: ‘What pain may bring’

• Photo Source: Arty Living

• Photo Source: Arty Living

Lagos-based Nigerian Joy Isi Bewaji has released her second book titled What Pain May Bring. The book release was marked by a literary reading event last Saturday, February the 21st at Colonades Hotel, Alfred Rewane Road (near Ikoyi Registry), Lagos.

What Pain May Bring is novella and 5 short stories collected in one book. The stories are unified by their subject matter of heartbreaks and people’s individual responses to them. In a review by Dami Ajayi, he says this of the collection: “Told with very witty and humorous prose, like most of the stories in this book, Bewaji’s characters are obsessed with pleasures, most important of which is sex. Sex is not just a primal need, it is a drive, it is a motive, it is a method and it is a resolution. Almost every story depicts a sex scene that could be as ludicrous as, “In a minute, he was screaming: ‘Mo gbe—mo gbe…’ he shrieked like an animal, all of his 110 pounds hammering to her recklessly.” Other times it is quite funny: “When we have sex the bed starts to dance”. Yet, other times surprising: “When he finally opened the door to her apartment with his spare key and saw the lovebirds cavorting recklessly on the couch he had ordered all the way from Italy”.”

The individual stories of the the collection are titled with color names – and were Green, Red, Orange, and Black – “perhaps to”, the reviewer remarks “reflect the various experiences and temperaments of these female characters.

Joy Bewaji’s first book Eko Dialogue , is one that treats the peculiar stories of life in the metropolitan Lagos. Her new collection What Pain May Bring is available from the 21st onwards in leading literary bookstores in Lagos and Southwest Nigeria.

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