Call for Submissions for the Next (SPECIAL) Issue of Bravearts Magazine

Bravearts Africa


Bravearts Magazine is calling for submission for the next issue (2015 Volume 3) of the magazine, which is to be a Special Edition focused on PSYCHOLOGICAL NARRATIVES.
Fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry that typically explore or engage any of psychological subjects or themes, psychological modes of narration or techniques, or psychological moods or atmosphere, will be welcome.
Open-ended (or subjective, or relative) conflict, resolution, or portrayal of character (characterization), will also brilliantly typify.
We also believe simple but unique works will do best with readers; hence, there is no much need to weave a complex web of techniques or styles – the use of a subjective point of view might work the magic for someone with his/her readers while the very idea of sincere unanswered questions in the mind of a character might be another writer’s hit with their own readers. Keep it simple.
Subject matters like obsession, separation, silence, addiction, depression, shock, suicide, nervous breakdown, hurt, heartbreak, forgiveness, memory, amnesia, dreams, nightmare, sleepwalking, mid-life crisis, mental stress, emotional distress, trauma, hallucination, sexual urge or desire (libido), emotional reunion, psychotherapy, rehab – and a lot more of other mind-based subjects, can also be a memory guide on subject areas to explore.
We also welcome works of visual art such as painting, photography, drawings and graphics, etc., that explore psychological background stories or narratives in ways that represent or reflect psychological scenes, scenarios or stories.
Writers with the subjective/psychological styles of narration are encouraged to send in their typical, engaging works. We encourage and challenge even beginners and fairly average writers to also venture into writing from reading much of stories that have obvious psychological telling and aspects.
The magazine release is targeted towards December 2015. Submissions are, therefore, expected from September 1 to November 15, 2015.
Kindly send submissions as email attachment – alongside a brief biography of about 50 or 60 words in length or less and written in the third person – to and with the subject line ‘SUBMISSION’. Kindly also cc

And until next time… keep the pen writing!


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