Opportunies to Work with Us in Bravearts Africa

Bravearts Mag (2015 Vol 2)

• Bravearts Magazine, 2015 Vol 1 (Cover)

IN THE PAST SILENT MONTHS, Bravearts Africa has been extending its frontiers in the background and we are almost ready to unveil new aspects and dimensions of us, thanks to your support and encouragements all along.

Bravearts Africa is an all-art-encompassing agency that has its overall aim captured in its slogan: inspiring hearts through the arts! It seeks to do this mainly through the media of magazines in the arts, among which one has kick-started since April 2015! In fulfilling our aim, some of our objectives have been revised and, in quite some cases, even enlarged. For instance, we are working to partner with a United Kingdom–based publishing house as well as a new Ugandan-based pan-African journalistic online magazine. We are also working steadily with a rich advisory board. In one word, the mission before us is quite large! And so, we’ll love you to be part!

Bravearts Africa will be publishing three magazines subsiquently. One, an already existent free downloadble literary and art quaterly magazine (in PDF format) christened B*s*sa Magazine (and which has been Bravearts). (Name interntionally merely hinted for some reasons.) We encourage YOU then to send in literary and/or art submissions for editions (Go to download page of the latest edition Bravearts Magazine 2015 Vol 2 HERE and see page 39 of the magazine for guidelines for submissions for the next issue.) Second is a quarterly inspirational Christian e-magazine (in free downloadable PDF format) on particularly relatable heart issues. It is christened Heart*t*a Magazine. The website will be launched soon as well. And our third magazine is an information content magazine on everything in the world of the arts. It is christined S*n*frita Blogazine.


WE ARE SEEKING FOR VOLUNTEER CONTRIBUTORS FOR S*N*FRITA and who are passionate about the arts and can work with us freelance to provide content for the blogazine coming up soon.

Our categories of interest include the following majors: VISUAL ART, LITERATURE, MUSIC, THEATRE, MOVIE, CINEMA, PHOTOGRAPHY, CELEBRITIES, MUSEUMS, THE HUMANITIES — plus the extras CULTURES and FASHION.

Interested persons should please send their a cover letter to bravearts.africa@gmail.com indicating interest alongside a modest Curriculum Vitae.

Thank you as we hope to work together soon.

Best Reagards.

Kayode Taiwo Olla,
For Bravearts Africa,
Ibadan, Nigeria.

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