Rachael could not sleep as she kept rolling in bed, replaying the incidents earlier this evening in her head. Her parents are perhaps, the worst beings on earth! She had gone out with her group of friends; of course, not without her parents’ permission, but she had allowed herself get lost in the spirit of the fun that she forgot the 7 O’ clock curfew.

Traffic in every way worked against them too, and she got home a few minutes before 8. As expected, her parents were in the living room as ready as a cat that has just found a mouse; pounced on her and tore her to tears with words. Usually, the punishment attached to missing curfew remains automatic: no dinner night, plus she’d have to add her younger brother’s quotidian chores to hers for three days without extended time.
She came to her room in tears. Here she is, a girl of 16 ‘maltreated’ by her own parents. There is only one end to all: They don’t love her!

Hey! Can we talk about our parents and discipline? These wonderful set of people strong enough to bring you to the world! Please, don’t forget that nobody else would have birthed you if they had not and that’s one reason to tell you they strongly love you. But there are times when parents can get on our nerves real big; frustrate or treat us as a toddler especially as it relates to discipline.

I found an interesting truth in the scriptures: “For whom the Lord loves He corrects, even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights.” (Proverbs 3:12 Amp) This scripture implies a father correcting his son because he delights in him. Remember Rachael in the above story? Would you say she was disciplined wrongly? Of course, no. Her parents were actually worried sick waiting for her in that living room. Anything might have happened to their precious daughter.

As teenagers, you are disciplined for the following reasons:

  • One is because you are loved. I had earlier said your parent loves you and because of this, they won’t watch while you stray. It is their love for you that is poured out even in discipline.
  • Two is to let you understand a bit of the consequence of irresponsible behaviour. Once you’ve been punished for something done, naturally, you’ll come to understand that your parents do not want it. And the more of irresponsibility we curb from home, the lesser we have in the society.
  • Three is to help you become better adults and useful in the future. We are young adults, right? Not animals. When you’ve been corrected for something, and we take to that correction by not repeating such, we gradually become the leaders we really are on the inside by developing those senses of responsibility leaders have; and we will then understand how proud of us our parents are.

When punished by parents or guardians, please remember it is for your good and accept with love and obedience. Most times, the teen spirit in you wants to become rebellious once corrected, but you as a teenager of value, remember it is for your future.
Lawal Kafayat Gold is a God-crazy young lady who is passionate about teens and their lives. She belongs with MINE Teens Magazine Club. She is a writer and spoken word poet who has been to many spoken word events. Her poems have been featured in anthologies such as Who Shall I Make My Wife edited by Eriata Orhibabo and Treasures of Phronesis edited by Nkemjika Christen.
Email: goldenkaffy@gmail.com
Phone: +2348169488446

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