The Power of a Seed

The Power of a seed is so amazing. Understanding the Power of seed is essential to life itself. This is because the more we understand it, the valuable life and its existence becomes to us.
A seed is the basic unit of every living or functional thing, it is the genesis of every resource, the basic perfect part of any functional whole.
A seed in itself is powerful in its structure.

Perhaps we must have heard that the most wonderful designs are constituted in all simplicity. It is basic in its structure yet complex in its entire makeup. Every big thing in life or in nature as always must have a basis for its existence, it must have a continuous and lasting structure, its building blocks will most times be first made up of the simplest of all structures; this is its seed form. I make bold to say or propound that everything once exists as a seed.
A seed has an instruction to reproduce its own kind. As order is heavens first law, so also the balance of life on earth is upheld by the total adherence to order. A seed can, must and will only reproduce its own kind. No more, no less.
A seed has the power to multiply. Not only is a seed programmed to reproduce its own kind, every seed is programmed to multiply in folds. One clause in this regards is that there are conditions which should be met to fulfill this. Every seed will reproduce virtually the condition of growth not totally withstanding, however, certain conditions will certainly affect the level at which it multiplies itself. So depending on these variables a seed brings forth in different folds say sixty, hundred folds and perhaps a thousand folds.
The seed’s only way of life is to first die. It first depreciates before it appreciates; it falls first before it could rise again. It diminishes so it can increase. It leaves the security of the store so it could find itself again in the best of places on earth. The seed is shrouded in so much mystery and there is so much wisdom in the life cycle of the seed.
The power of a seed is so important and cannot be over emphasized…. in our next article we will take a look closer at the power of the seed in its different forms.
Emmanuel Ayeni is a Life coach, Engineer, Inspirational Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is passionate about inspiring people and organizations to greatness while helping them know more, do more and become the best of God for their lives. Emmanuel has over 10 years’ experience in working with start-up businesses and volunteering in youth-based NGOs. He is the CEO of EMMANDUS Networks, a growing company with concerns in Consulting, Technology and Logistics some of his inspirational works have been published at  since 2009. Emmanuel is a friend of Jesus and currently works and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.



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