Why am I a Christian?

It is a splendid feeling to imagine you are reading this now. This column of the HEARTITIA segment of the magazine is tagged Apologia, and which means a formal written statement in defense of one’s belief. This I believe simply defined what we are going to be doing in this segment as well as giving hope in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have many worldview and different systems of belief spanning different cultures and regions of the world, and everyone have a reason for adhering to a particular worldview. Among the reasons that can influence one’s choice of religion are parental influence, geographical location of place of birth, and exposure to other cultures but I think that, if we have ever experienced the pain of being a victim of a lie, the truth will be worth searching out. Therefore, it is important not to allow any of the above factors to decide what we believe because, somehow, our worldview defines who we are and what we do. It determines how we view other people around us, the world at large and our eternal destination. This seems to be what every religion centers around; we all want to meet an aim, to meet a state of “perfection” with eternity in focus either in ourselves like Hinduism or Buddhism, or in something or someone higher than ourselves.

It seems I have narrowed down my focus to those who dare to believe; what about those who do not believe in a ‘god’, the atheist? Well, to me atheism is a system of belief that doesn’t believe in God.
Well, I was born in a setting where Christianity is the order of the day as a family or a society, but beyond that I nursed some curiosity that pushed me to search beyond my natural view. I wanted to know if I am “in the right” and not just assuming it. This actually will make anyone with such mind to go a long way in having a logical mix with faith; to have an understanding of what he or she is doing and satisfy the soul’s curiosity which goes a long way to stabilize faith.

So, Why Am I Christian?

INTRINSIC WORTH: every other worldview have an idea of God as an impersonal God. They have this idea of a fiery god that has a big whip to deal with error, that demands worship only to be appeased. A ‘god’ that cannot be known or be a close relationship with or be heard. However, Christianity is different; Christ came to show God in His true nature not only as God but also as a Father. When a Christian is praying, he is not just “mantralizing” or begging his boss, but rather He is speaking to his or her Father.
Christianity offers man a relationship with God that other worldviews do not do. We are sons in our Father’s house and not a slaves.

Jesus said, in John 20:17 “… But go to My brethren and tell them, I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.”

The implication of having God as a Father is great and confers a great worth on man, a worth that is not defined by what man either has or hasn’t got — his place or affluence, or even obscurity or nothingness in material terms. It is a divinely invested worth.

The implication is that: man is brought to the being a little lower than God to allow for a relationship. “Ye are gods, and all of you are the sons of the Most High”. Jesus did not come to make many slaves for God, or bring God many servants, but to bring many sons to God’s glory.

I have a worth, a value that is not conferred by man; not by anything but by God.
Moreover, besides God the Father being a Father to us indeed, God the Son is a Friend that shows us everything about the Father and God the Holy Spirit is our Helper. Man is indeed sandwiched in to Godhead.

WORTH DEMONSTRATED: It is not enough to tell somebody how much you value them, or love them; true love is expressed, true value must go beyond the level of communication to demonstration. God demonstrated our worth by taking up our form – our flesh – and by dying for us in the likeness of our death and giving us hope through His resurrection.

The incarnation — God coming in the flesh — is an unbelievable theology to many a worldview, but that is the backbone of Christianity and where the worth of man as the imago Dei is truly expressed.

Religion in all of its kind seeks salvation from sin and death, all of human institution is centered on seeking eternity of life and peace, but God comes low to give it to us, demonstrating our worth to us. The end of Christ’s death is resurrection, but it is amazing that when He resurrected, He retained humanity with Him. He ascended with a body – human resurrected body – into heaven. Thus, man is amalgamated into Godhead and we are too sure of a human representative in Godhead. Isn’t it true we are gods? We do not seek it by good works which will never be good enough; but God even divinely invested it on us because we believe.

HELP REVEALED: Presently, it is true we are on a journey; our standard is not tablets of stone but a Person. The incarnation is powerful not only in the resurrection which ends it but also in this: “God shows us what we ought to be in Christ, demonstrated it in the flesh as our example and through the experience learn how to help us be what we ought to be”.
Christianity is religion of LOVE, and love births all other virtues. Our God is love, we enjoyed His love and are filled with the capacity to love which is His very Life – the ZOE — for life itself precedes love.

THE POWER OF TRANSFORMATION: The truth about Christianity is that, there is no other view that has her testimony of transformation like she does. Other worldview speaks of making a bad person turn good, but Christianity speaks of a Christ that comes to make dead people live by the power of his own life. Everybody that truly has an encounter with this Jesus Christ becomes a new man — not a better man. It is a wholesome process that begins instantly. It is a transfer of life from the Source of eternal Life Himself. I am a living witness — many of us are. We have truly moved from death to life, we are a living testimony of its transforming power. The secret is His love and His life at work within. There is nothing as powerful as a transformed life; and it is only possible in Christ.

In conclusion, the worth of man passionately demonstrated, the love of God extravagantly expressed and the life of God abundantly given for us to truly live as His sons and daughters, truly expressing a transformed life. Its implication in life realities makes Christianity unequivocally a truth I choose to live my life by, and I invite you to begin this journey today in its real sense.
Ayodele Olatimehin is a graduate of Microbiology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, where he is presently running an M.Sc program. Ayodele is a Christian, the Christian journey starting for him specifically in the year 2000. He is also a minister of the gospel and with literary touch. He keeps a blog at http://www.rexandreginaenkristo.wordpress.com, and where most of his write-ups are made available.

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