Your Brain Sweats


You either use your sweat to wash it or you brain-wash it. The brain is not just a vital organ but the pilot of the other organs of the body. The brain determines to a large extent if the ‘human craft’ will crash soon or stay air borne.

The position we assume when we feel on top of situations is not just dependent on the gelof neurons but also on the impalpable realm of the mind. Hence, it is worthy of note that the brain is the physical representation of the mind and also the mind the intangible expression of the brain. The link between the mind and the brain can only be constructed by what the possessor has learnt and has been subjected to. Proven evidences of cross-interaction are countless.

Literally, the brain is floating in a pool of nutrient-rich fluid called Cerebrospinal Fluid and which also serve as cushion, so to speak. Knocking the door of the skull which is made up of 28 bones, you must have started getting the hint of what the content is made up of – a fold of mystery upon another.

Having all the five senses (2 ears for hearing, 2 eyes for sight, 1 tongue for taste, the nose for smell and the skin for touch) ably represented around its exterior, and with each tunneling to advance a vivid connection to the brain, tells us that there is a workhorse in there  that requires so much to work

Speaking of functions, they are such that are too complex for one to fully comprehend.

The race continues as the brain seeks to know what the brain is and capable of. Unraveling the potential of the brain by the scientists though proves less daring as each decade passes by, yet it leaves a side note: “More lies ahead!”

Your brain is such a unique organ that sets out to know more about itself by itself! You think, yet you don’t get to see that with which you think with, you know. You endlessly use your brain to search for what it can do until your discovery reveals the infinitesimal contribution of your search to the real potential. Our day-to-day interaction causes our brain to sweat (so to speak).

A French philosopher and physician, Julien Offroy de La Mettrie once said: “The brain has muscles for thinking as the legs have muscles for walking.” This exercise inevitably causes it to sweat. Some sweat to wash the brain, others sweat to brain-wash it. We largely decide how this goes.

There is no man with consciousness unaltered that fails to sweat with the brain, too. This has been proven experimentally. The thoughts we harbor reflects on themicroscopic reading of the brain. To those who keep a positive attitude, then, the brain neurons seem like a flourishing tree. To those who cling to the pessimist side of life, an appearance of thorn is seen. It looks all scary. So much of intertwining disorderliness. A representation t of total disarray.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a seasoned neuroscientist affirms that 75% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. We are meant to think our way into a healthy living. Positive attitudinal lifestyle and thought reconstruction helps us to replenish lost strength and march on in the journey of life. “A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired” is The Message Bible translation of Amplified Version’s reading that says: “A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” King James English Bible has the lines as: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” I quoted Proverbs:22.

No longer do we have only religious reasons to forgive. Not to keep malice. Not to keep record of wrong. Not to allow negative thoughts to dominate our lives.  To let go of the haunting past. Et cetera. Now, medical science has shown that the onset of some patients’ psychiatric disorders, cancer, asthma, diabetes, skin problems are triggered by the effect of toxic wastes generated by our toxic emotions controlled by thought processes.

You are a hardworking fellow. Of course, you are entitled to rest. Rest from hurts of the past. Rest from hurdles of fear. Rest from keeping thoughts about people who don’t believe in you. Why not start believing in yourself, rather? Tear down the fence of toxic thorns built around you. Tear down the negative influence of toxic thoughts that have drained you of your creativity and originality. Start building up the flourishing trees in your brain. Do not stop at that, keep it, dress it and tend it. Ensure it keeps bringing you fruits of satisfied living to do those big dreams of yours.

Your past is gone. Buried in time. Pounded into chaff and blown into the river of forgetfulness. Wake yourself up into resuming the activities of greatness you once flowed in.

Give it more than a second thought, those beautiful things you achieved that beat your personal records. Jump up and sweat. Sweat to wash your brain with healthy thoughts once again. Make your brain sweat the right, better way.


Alade Ayodeji Paul is a Medical Doctor who trained at Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was, while on campus, the former Editor-in-Chief of JEANS Magazine, the most widely read magazine on Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy campus and also the former Vice President (Administration) of Redeemed Christian Fellowship, OAU Chapter. He is a poet and an entrepreneur who loves to infuse dynamism into his write-ups to convey messages of impact with simplicity and originality.

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