Discovery Series: #1

There’s a stage in life when man needs to discover where he stands, where he needs to, who he  really is.

In a couple of publications coming, we’d be doing undergoing a process of self discovery and I’d start with vision.

A blind man once asked God; “is there anything worse than losing your sight?”

“Yes”, God answered, “losing your vision”.

Vision means the ability to see; better put, the ability to be inspired and idealistic about the future, i.e seeing into the future.

Dictionary puts the definition for vision as:
(i) the power or sense of sight
(ii)the mental image of something imaginary
(iii)the imaginary or unusual keen perceptionA blind person does not know which side he is facing; whether south, east, west or north. Why? He/she has no sight.

The same applies to people existing without vision. They are pushed through life because they don’t know where they are heading;

So, they follow anybody that comes their way.  If they are following someone who is going eastward and they meet someone else going south, they follow; and if another person comes around who is heading to where they started from,they turn around and follow.

This is how they are always swept around by the wind of time. Before you know it, they are  already in their seventies without achieving nothing.

A vision-less life is a direction-less life, or better still a misdirected life!

As an individual, you have to see ,because until you see, you cannot be because it is what you see that you’d work towards and become who God wants you to be.

The definitions of vision above should tell that it is important to each person, whether a teen or not .

What do you see?


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