Download Bravearts Mag (2015 Vol 1) FREE

• Bravearts Mag 2015 Vol 1

• Bravearts Mag 2015 Vol 1


The January – April 2015 Issue of Bravearts Magazine is finally out to be downloaded free. It is a rich-fabric maiden issue of our literary and art magazine, readable on all PDF compatible devices and available for free downloading on this site.


In this issue, contributions of short fiction and nonfiction, photography and art, poetry and interviews, especially engages the shared funny as well as grave workaday stories and experiences of Nigerians and Africans, and humans at large, and ranging from the private and personal to the public and political, and each with its signature peculiarity.

You’re taken, for instance, from South Africa Sandton, Cape Town and Jo’burg in DevynStella’s ‘Meet My Country’, and to Jedidiah I. Oligbinde’s Victoria Island in ‘Façade’, and to Ghanaian literary practice and the Akan myth heritage in an interview with poet Kwabena Yeboah Angyare. Photography like ‘Intwo One’ and ‘you & me make 6 & 9’, or graphic arts like ‘Passions’ are something that will delight your sense of art.

We welcome you into a worthwhile journey into brave arts as you download.

Enjoy, engage!


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