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Bravearts Magazine, 2015 Vol 2

Bravearts Magazine, 2015 Vol 2


SOCIO-CULTURAL INCONGRUITIES. EMPLOYMENT POLITICS AS standing rule. Or identity quests – questions. Or again Space – metropolitan city space (like Lagos) almost directly interchangeable with claustrophobia – a feeling of being enclosed uptight… Realities! – Our very realities!
What is… Reality – what even is real? Does reality exist objectively – or is it relative? Is Visual artunreal – and is life real? So, what constitutes reality? – Stark employment politics! Socio-cultural shocks! Boko-Haram… Realities!
Okay, one asks: ‘When words cannot bare raw feelings – is art as much as forceful as the act itself? Or ‘Are Freudian dreams of phallic pen and flat sheet more real than what they signify?’ We ask: ‘When we are faced with loss – are memories and souvenirs, not presences of the ones loved but lost?’
Trust us, these are difficult questions that are hard to theorise. The essences of creative writing or art can bring these well to the fore!
Hence, we present you an edition that engages the aforementioned issues with keen realistic portrayal of events, characters and atmosphere! We present to you the 2nd edition of Bravearts Magazine!


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