Earth and Fire

By Tola Adegbite

Whenever I see the word fire once before, what usually comes to my mind is hell, frustration, threat, suffering and other related negative things.I never considered the approach of fire being the test I must pass through to be a success in my career. The combination of the words Earth and Fire later gives me a new, Biblically allusive, sense—that the life I live on earth will be judged or tested by fire. My works will decide if I will waste in fire or not.

There are two professions in this world that make you live at the peak of creativity, I’ll say. And so, two types of professionals. One is Creative Writers, those who create something out of nothing with words; and two is Potters, those who create something out of nothing with clay.

I am sure sculptors, painters and other creative artists will be preparing to criticise me considering my above statement; but before I am hanged for my claim, I will like to hang out some facts under the sun for the world to see. The major resource used in creating the world, if we go by the Biblical account, is the word—the spoken word, to be precise. This could explain why the word has always being the fuel behind the fire of actions, wars and human existence.

Writers are gods. They create characters, make you fall in love with them or otherwise hate them, and then they go ahead to, say, kill them or turn around events for them at will. They create new worlds simply with words. They write and erase destinies as they choose. We get engrossed in it and feel the world they create is real. Writers are indeed Demigods.

The other profession is Pottery. Common clay is mixed in varying proportions of textures; is made pliable, moulded into forms, polished on a wheel and permanently hardened by firing at high temperatures in a kiln.

It is all about clay—mud… earth. It begins with clay and ends with fire retained inside clay-walled kiln. When there is no beginning, an end is definitely nonexistent. Like writing, pottery is another work of creation. Going Biblical again—permit me—man was created with clay… out of mud. The fire that completes man is what the breath of life exhaled into his nostrils. Potters are gods, they get to handle the original resources of creation and use it to mould new creations. They give it a final touch of life, a burnishing and polishing, by firing it. Potters are Demigods on earth.


Tola Adegbite is a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. She is a lover of words and art. She presently manages her pottery studio Geovana Pottery, where she makes and sells ceramic wares. She is Co-founder of Bravarts Africa and Editor-in-Chief/Art Editor of Bravearts Magazine


One response to “Earth and Fire

  1. Fire:
    Holy ghost fire consume, holy ghost fire consume them, wherever demons are gathering….
    Let the fire of the Holy Ghost fall on me, anointing fall on me…
    Prometheus was punished by Zeus because he stole the god’s most powerful weapon and gave to man- Fire

    On the earth we cultivate on this same earth we defeacate.
    The earth is the lord’s and the fullness of it thereof.
    God says to man: be fruitful, multiply fill the earth and dominate it..
    The earth springs forth a living creature so also does the earth receive this same lifeless creature.

    Dialectics, Paradoxes, Contrasts, Antithesis- the choice of language use…

    Nice one Tola. Creative Writers and Potters are the unacknowledged creators of the world…


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