Before You Sail on this Boat: On our new release #PSYCHOSEX


Arts melt rigid souls; the pen is the still-swinging pendulum on which the tiny bridge of life hinges. Here at Bravearts Africa, we wield our gifted hands as warring soldiers wield their guns and artillery dexterously. We have heeded this calling and there is no retreating. It is through the aforementioned that we feed your appetite cum hunger for creativity. We speak to the heaving pulse of inquisitive souls.

Therefore, we are sure that you found the previous editions of our magazines awesome and interesting. We also rest assured you eagerly awaited the new edition. Now, you have it! The #PSYCHOSEX Issue.

This edition is the last in the year 2015, of course. It is a perfect way to end the year. It was specially packaged to satisfy the voracious urge of our teeming readers. The issue PSYCHOSEX stemmed from the Psychoanalysis terrain. It is loaded with contributions of Bravearts Magazine Editorial Team plus a set from an external contributor. The works cut across different genres of art and literature. The subject was carefully selected; and so, the works were painstakingly chosen, too. Simply—It is loaded!

The Psychosexual poems, stories and articles are expected to engender constructive psychoanalytic criticism, wake your psyche, and, in turn, converse subjectively with your psychoanalytic mind.

In view of the aforementioned, on behalf of the Team Bravearts Magazine, I welcome you to a riverine bank of psychic soliloquies, as you sail with us on the storm-less high waves of art and literature.

Therefore, I will say you make sure you are fully prepared before you sail and leave the paddling to us. It will stimulate your subconscious; it will engage your mind; it will delight your sense of aesthetics. Please, do also feel free to leave your psychoanalytic criticism, views, opinions and commentaries. Send to us via and we would publish, if essay, on the Opinion Column of our SANAFRITA Arts Review Segment of the online magazine.

So, welcome on board! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

ODEYEMI John Olaleye
PDF Magazine Managing Editor

• • •

Continue HERE to Download PSYCHOSEX Issue Free


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