Call for Submission for Bravearts Africa Mag Issue #4 (March 2016 PDF Issue)

bravearts africa magazine

Bravearts Africa Magazine is calling for submissions for the next issue of its PDF Magazine (mag #4), to be released March 2016. The issue will be focused on Travel Narratives (i.e. travel writings, travel stories, travelogues) and will simply be tagged TRAVEL.

We request for works of short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry that either engage Travel (or its associations like Wandering, Itinerants, VagabondsJourney, Flight, VoyageTour, Denotative/Connotative Pilgrimage, Diaspora, Exile, Homeland, Departure etc.) as theme or motif, or that are products of some real travel in the writer’s life activities. As such, we also welcome creative diaries and contemplative nonfiction that border around Travel as much as we welcome entirely imaginative narratives and verses.

In addition, we welcome works of painting, photography, drawings and graphics that explore the concept and/or associations of Travel.

Submission is open to all writers and artists regardless of age, place or race, or experience in the arts. Our wish is to create an artistic assemblage of creative voices on this subject; we would love you to freely respond.

Submission for the TRAVEL Issue (mag #4) of Bravearts Africa Magazine in PDF is open from SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, 2015 to MONDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2016.

Kindly send submission(s) of previously unpublished (whether in print or in online mag, journal or anthology) works as email attachment, and along with a brief biography of about 50 or 60 words in length or less written in the third person,to Please send with the Subject line SUBMISSION.

See previous magazine issues here.


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