Applications for UK Art Initiative #PlayableCityLAGOS Closes today at 17:00GMT


—Credits: Watershed

Today marks the close of the application for the United Kingdom creative art workshop event Playable City: Lagos, by exactly 17:00 GMT (application deadline).

Playable City: Lagos is a series of creative labs designed to make Lagos a more playful and ‘liveable’ city via artistically exploring the changes we would like to see in our cities of the future. The framework Playable City is developed by Bristol’s Watershed Arts Centre and with partnership from British Council for Africa (in Nigeria) and Future Lagos.

Playable City: Lagos will be a series of Creative Labs bringing together artists, producers and technologists from Lagos and the UK.  They’ll work together to create playful, creative prototypes which tackle some of the issues people face in Lagos. The public will be able to feedback on and test out the prototypes in a series of open installations around the city.

Applications are now open for three UK-based and seven Nigeria-based creative practitioners to be part of Playable City: Lagos, the theme is ‘Mobility’. It is a unique chance to explore your creativity in a new setting.



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