Introducing Saturday Column ‘DR. H’ARTBEATS CLINICS’

- Kayode Taiwo Olla

– Kayode Taiwo Olla

Good morning, Africa! It is with excitement that I wish to introduce to you an interesting, laughable and creative Saturday Column around the subjects and industries of Arts Entertainment on Bravearts Africa; we call it called Dr. H’Artbeats Clinics. Ant it’s kicking off today, by 11:30am Lagos Time! Watch out for!

The column will be about creatively engaging relatable interesting and sensational questions/issues lovers of the arts (our expected readers, of course) quite commonly “feel” in their hearts of arts, for both the purpose of delightful entertainment and art education.

The idea had started with me sometime at the beginning of 2015, when an unemployed me had written a full proposal to a new branch of an established radio station in my area for a contract talk show around the arts—before other schedules, including a busy postgraduate program, took up my time and first interest. Our Advisory Board Member consulting for the Literature Segment, Ms. Ifeoluwapo Adeniyi, who is also a reputable media presenter and producer in Ibadan, Nigeria—had gone through and personally edited the general idea and particular discursive subject topics and ideas. She commended the set of ideas as very creative and remarkable. We hope that you enjoy it week by week.

Each week on Dr. H’Artbeats Clinics we present you with an imagined reader’s funny but problematic scenarios, and questions, and that typify our daily experiences around entertainment and the arts—things we all find very relatable and equally laughable. It will be a platform that voices the thoughts and experiences in the arts and entertainment, that our readers may have and laugh about in our minds and without bothering to share it with someone—and we will seek to provide solutions, and in a light spirit; while you can also add your pieces of advice or comments in the comment field for the fictive reader that could, of course, be the relatable mirror image of another person somewhere. The fact that each letter is simply a creative work, though it seeks to mimic people’s thoughts and experiences, will not be hidden from our readers, nonetheless.

At the same time, the scenarios will be spiced up by being blended with everyday by-experiences like romantic relationship, family, schooling, leisure, travel, etc.

So then, I welcome you to expect every Saturday (starting from today, 11:30AM Lagos Time) the new thing—and worth looking forward to! DR H’ARTBEATS CLINICS!

—Kayode Taiwo Olla

Online Magazine Managing Editor.



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