World’s youngest film maker Zuriel Oduwole conducted her first ever film workshop to youths in Namibia

•Zuriel teaching at the workshop in Namibia | Credits: Monica Sanchez, Zuriel Oduwole Projects

By Kayode Taiwo Olla

The World’s Youngest Film Maker and world-renowned Girl Child Education Rights Advocate, 13-year-old Zuriel Oduwole has just conducted her first ever Film Workshop for 25 youths in Windhoek, Namibia this month February. The project trip was sponsored by Hilton Hotel Windhoek, Air Namibia and Bank Windhoek.

According to a source email from the Zuriel Oduwole team (DUSUSU Foundation) Projects Coordinator Monica Sanchez, the 25 youth delegate participants were selected from 255 applicants from Facebook and Newspaper applications.
Zuriel, we were told, lectured the participants with her film making story and trained them basic film making skills along with other documentary processes.
• Zuriel with Participants After Workshop | Credits: Monica Sanchez, Zuriel Oduwole Projects

• Zuriel with Participants After Workshop | Credits: Monica Sanchez, Zuriel Oduwole Projects

According to the report we received, the event also featured showing a sneak preview of Zuriel’s next documentary film due out later on this year, and shot across 5 countries during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The countries where the set of Zuriel’s upcoming film took place during the FIFA World Cup, were Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritius and the US. During this time also Zuriel took on the fun project for education tagged Follow the Ball, where she took two footballs from 2014 World Cup hosting country around other countries of the world for public figures to sign in a statement for education for children and young adults.

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Zuriel’s last film “A Promising Africa” released in November 2014 at age 12 showed first across 2 cinema chains in Nigeria, before going on to screen in Ghana, South Africa, London in England and Tokyo in Japan. The tour across 5 countries and 3 continents was a major and exciting tour closing year 2014 for Zuriel.
Earlier this year, moreover, at the wake of the new year she had just returned from a tour across African countries, including Namibia and where she visited a remote San Khoi tribe in the Kalahari Desserts, teaching them writing through play. Zuriel had returned from the earlier trip to Namibia to eventually officially inaugurate her foundation Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up (DUSUSU) — in Lagos, Nigeria.



Kayode Taiwo Olla is an intense lover – of the arts, of a certain lady, and of Jesus. He is a lecturer as well as a graduate student by daytime and a reader as well as a writer by dusk. He wishes for ever he can just paint with brush like artists do!

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