Emmanuel Iduma on Writing, Art & Travel

Emmanuel Iduma on Writing, Art & Travel (Interview) - Bravearts Africa Travel Issue Audio Podcast A

Bravearts Africa Magazine has produced a two-fold audio podcast companion to its coming PDF Mag Travel Issue, as Podcasts A and B – both engaging audio interviews on different aspects of the Travel concept in the African/African diaspora experience.

Podcast A is an interview with Emmanuel Iduma conducted over Skype call by Kayode Taiwo Olla. Emmanuel talks about the concepts of writing, art and travel, sharing his experiences of wide travel that involved photography road trip projects across several countries in the African continent like a recent one to Senegal in December 2015, writer conference travel to European countries like that of being a delegate to the TED Talk Conference in Scotland around 2012, and his studying in New York.

Emmanuel Iduma is a New York based Nigerian writer and art critic. He is also co-publisher and cofounder of Saraba Magazine [www.sarabamag.com],   operating since 2009. He is as well Director of Publications for Invisible Borders Trans-African Projects renowned for several photography road trips across borders of African countries.

Emmanuel is the author of Farad, a novel (2012). In 2013, after bagging Law degrees in Nigeria, proceeded NY to run a master’s in Art Criticism.

Listen LIVE, or Download for FREE Emmanuel Iduma’s Interview on SoundCloud


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