The pathways to creativity


“There is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives them understanding”*


What is creativity? Creativity, I will simply say, is the ability to create or produce something new; it’s that which a person possesses that makes them engage in an activity that produces new dimension of awareness or reality. Creativity is the result of Inspiration or a higher consciousness of being. This article will take a brief look at how creative thoughts or ideas are formed or obtained.

(a) Thoughts: Your thought stream is a principal pathway to creative ideas. The human mind is the seat of thoughts, and countless thoughts pass through the mind every second. The mind is a very potent tool and when trained well to engage actively in creative ideas it can generate useful creative ones. Great thoughts are products of great reasoning; great inventors have been known to have even private thinking rooms.

(b) Dreams: The subject of dreams is of much controversy in different circles, yet it is a common avenue through which great ideas have been known to have sprung up from. I will not go into theories or the works of psychologists like Sigmund Freud here.

In 1861 August Kekule woke from a sleep and came up with the structure of the Benzene Molecule the way he had seen it in his dream like a snake eating its tail. As much as dream is a pathway to creative ideas, it is not a must to stay asleep for hours to receive creative ideas.

A Pharaoh in Egypt saw in his dreams an imminent famine and this guided his decision to put in place the first grain storage system the world has ever known through the help of a Jewish youth who interpreted the dreams and was instantly promoted to the postition of the Prime Minister of the then World Power.

• Emmanuel Ayeni

• Emmanuel Ayeni

(c) Silence: Most creative thoughts are brewed in silence. Listening to the ‘voice of silence’ can make it come it to you. Being quiet in your heart can pave way for the coming of your next creative ideas. It is a fact that we do things less with noise and confusion, and we equally cannot meditate on any useful idea when we are perplexed. Calmness and tranquility in us does put us in a good place to conceive refined ideas.

(d) Meditation: Meditating or pondering on an issue is another pathway in birthing a useful idea. Your subconscious mind can process productive thoughts at a particular time. As you spend more time pondering on a particular subject or issue, you begin to see it from new perspectives and you are open to more ideas on the same matter.

(e) Ambience: The environment you find yourself affects how you come to terms with creativity. Have you ever wondered why multinationals and other big organizations take into cognizance their environment? They know how it affects their productivity and how it also makes it easy for their employees to be creative. Spending time to create a more aesthetic environment around you will go a long way to affect how receptive you are to new ideas.

(f) Self-awareness: Discovery always precedes recovery. Constantly evaluating yourself makes you more aware of happenings around you as they relate to you. You consciously and regularly discover who you are. Your eyes are opened to your strengths and weaknesses; and you gain new insights into how you can come up with the best ideas in a situation.

(g) The Spirit of God: This is the most important source or pathway of creativity. In actual fact, all the other pathways are dependent on this. This Spirit is the main drive behind the creation of the Universe itself, and He is the one that triggers the creative nature in us. When we are in touch with Him He takes us to the unusual frequency where creativity resides. Access to Him activates the other pathways of creativity.

Keep achieving Greatness!

Emmanuel Ayeni
Life-coach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Emmanuel Ayeni is a Life coach, Engineer, Inspirational Writer, Speaker and Entrepreneur. He is passionate about inspiring people and organizations to greatness while helping them know more, do more and become the best of God for their lives. Emmanuel has over 10 years’ experience in working with start-up businesses and volunteering in youth-based NGOs. He is the CEO of EMMANDUS Networks, a growing company with concerns in Consulting, Technology and Logistics. Some of his inspirational works have been published at  since 2009. Emmanuel is a friend of Jesus and presently works and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.



*Quote is from the book of Job chapter 32 and verse 8, in the Holy Bible.


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