The colour of your E-motion

This week, Hearts & Stethoscopes Column attempts to carve out the unseen imagery of the mind activities and leave you our readers to do some self analysis via the feeling map coming with this article. This week’s article is one that interjects the previous fortnight article posts on “Mind Your Mind Series” we started some couple of weeks ago on this column.
Enjoy & Reflect.

How I wish I can get a pen and draw the butterflies as they meander in my tummy anytime I’m happy with the world and ecstatic. How I wish the softness that accompanies the sigh of relief after a long awaited accomplishment can be captured, printed and glazed. How dark does it really get in times of depression? How hot can love be? These wishes and questions have their answers loaded in our body physiology.

• Dr. Ayodeji Alade

• Dr. Ayodeji Alade

Though not visible optically, each of the expressed emotion is painted on the canvas of our body and can be reflected via thermal imaging. We may want to play smart but our being has already been ‘programmed’ with the necessary detectors that can’t lie. Unlike lie detectors, this seeks the truth that will help us see the water in the cup as half-filled as against half-empty.

Thermal imaging of our emotions helps us to understand the burning zones and the cold zones. It can help us reflect on the reason for our episodic impulsivity or persistent sluggishness. The silent tormentor that gnaws our heart and causes us to gnash in regrets of failed control has been brought before our face. Are we going to go on with an inseparable affair with the odds? This is a question that begs for an answer as the ripples of colour sent from the mind activity travels through the landscape of our body causing it to vibrate at varying frequencies.

The daily choices we make can either make us or set us up. They either liven us and make us be relentless in moulding an enviable destiny, or else burn us out until what remains of us is a signature of ash mound.

We may end up frozen up in ignorance refusing repeated attempts to be thawed by an ounce of wisdom. Locked up in the frenzy of today, deprived of the future’s bounty.

The blend of red, orange, blue, black and purple show our thermal state when we do what we do. These are beyond colours. These are the paintings of reactions to actions. Summaries of self at the moment of mind engagement.

Why so much energy in the head, chest and pelvis of the person in love?
What could have made a depressed person worse than a sad person? Why does a sad person have a bit of energy on the chest and head? Could it be that unlike a depressed person, sense of hopelessness which is a key feature has not started kicking in?

Study each emotional state on the feeling map and leave your comment if you can.

NOTE: The key to the feeling map runs from 15 down to –15 with corresponding colour code which indicates spectrum of area of highest activity to lowest activity and neutral being 0.

The color of your emotion: Read on the feeling map

The colour of your emotions on the feeling map


—Ayodeji Alade

Ayodeji Paul ALADE is a Medical Doctor who trained at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife. While on campus, he was Editor-in-Chief of JEANS Magazine, the most widely read Christian magazine on Obafemi Awolowo University campus. He later was also the former Vice President (Administrations) of Redeemed Christian Fellowship, OAU campus chapter. Ayodeji is a poet and entrepreneur who loves to infuse dynamism into his writeups to convey impactful messages and with an air of simplicity and originality.

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