Notice on the coming SPECIAL Issue of Bravearts Africa Mag in PDF – Issue 5, June 2016

bravearts africa magazine

The quarterly Bravearts Africa Magazine (PDF Edition), a literary, art and lifestyle accompaniment of the online magazine of the arts, is to release its next and Special Issue (Issue #5), in June 2016 on

The issue will be a major edition and focused on experimental, unconventional and, perhaps even, pioneering styles, techniques or traditions in the arts and will simply be tagged AVANT-GARDE.

Avant-garde, in the senses with which we pitch our focus, means:


1. artistically new: artistically innovative, experimental, or unconventional

2. of avant-garde artists: belonging to the group of writers, artists, filmmakers, or musicians whose work is innovative, experimental, or unconventional

From: Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.

This Edition will feature only solicited avant-garde works from our respected established writers and artists of African descent as a grand celebration of the experimental, the innovative and, perhaps, also, the pioneering, in the urgent present and compelling future of the practices of the creative arts in Africa.

The release of the publication in June 2016 will be followed by reviews of the Avant-garde Issue on our website and as guest posts elsewhere. Moreover, Bravearts Africa will partner with 2 other creative arts brand in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, to produce and release the special issue.

While submissions are not open to the general public until in the preparations for Issue #6, we enjoin our readers and the general public to look forward with undiminished optimism to the coming rich and novel Special issue: AVANT-GARDE!

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