Uptight Fresh: Jalada releases superb Translation Issue only moments ago


By Kayode Taiwo Olla

Jalada Africa, the pan-African literary collective on Jalada.org, has published her first of a new series of Translation Issues, at about 10 minutes to the hour of 10 last night (reporting with West African Time Reading here).

The Translation Issue is a collection of translation works of the world acclaimed Kenyan poet, dramatist, novelist and essayist Ngūgī Wa Thiõng’O, in various and so many African and World languages, including French, Aramaic, Arabic, Igbo and Hausa. Professor Ngūgī Wa Thiõng’O’s solely featured work The Upright Revolution Or Why Humans Walk Upright was originally written and published in Kikuyu, the author’s indigenous language. The piece in original language is also released in the issue.

Jalada has previously published a Language Issue last year 2015, featuring literary works written in indigenous languages of African peoples, while translations is provided with original works.

With the previous Language Issue and the new Translation Issue, Jalada Africa— it seems—is already setting a pace and beckoning a challenge to Africa’s world of digital literary magazines, anthologies and blogs, on doing real stuff with something of the language subject.

See Jalada Translation Here.

Kayode Taiwo Olla is an intense lover – of the arts, of a certain lady, and of Jesus. He is a lecturer as well as a graduate student by daytime and a reader as well as a writer by dusk. He wishes for ever he can just paint with brush like artists do!

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