Draw yourself!

By Funmi Ogunniran
Hello, lovable! I am so glad and privileged to reach you via this platform. It means a lot to me and I am positive that it means a lot to you as well. Here we are, we will be as real, natural and original as it’s possible.
I would have loved for us to get to know each other from within but I changed my mind. So we would start from ‘without’ and then ‘within’, and ‘without’ again. I hope I haven’t lost you. 🙂 Never really mind, you will understand soon. Lemme leave you with a bit of what I’ve been up to…
So, recently, I took up the challenge to casually draw myself. So, I drew the first and trashed it; and the second, and the third, and many more—and discarded all. Why? They didn’t look anything like me! Even though I drew them with my own hand. I had absolutely nothing in common with my own drawings.
• Funmi Ogunniran

• Funmi Ogunniran

Yes, I know I could employ the services of a professional artist; but don’t forget that an artist will draw from whatever angle he sees. Plus, I must know what exactly I look like, so I don’t accept just anything from an artist.
As there are professional artists, so there are professional advisers who are ready to tell you what your life should look like and by what rules you should play. You should only accept it if it looks like and is beneficial to where you are headed. Same reason you should know where you are going!
… I’ll rest my pen here so my ink doesn’t run out, lol.
See you soon… sooner than you think!
BTW, here’s a glimpse of what I drew. (Don’t laugh!)
Olufunmi Ogunniran loves to tell ‘The Truth’ always but first to herself. She is passionate about making things work and she believes everyone has some good to offer. She rights wrong by doing right.

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