Chilled-ren’s play: If pikins start to talk | A poem by Babajide Michael Literati

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• Credits:

If you can’t sing
If you can’t chant
If you can’t recite
This memoir, this satire
Of jojolo’s woes; of chilledren’s groans
Of pikin’s predicament


What do we do today?
Today ooo, we are making merry in pain
What are we doing today oooo?
Today ooo, we are eating turkey in our thoughts
What are we doing today?
Today ooo, our parents can’t feed our pots
Cos we know:
Our country has no plans for us
Every day, since Lugard left our shores
No matter our birth
No matter where we’re born —
Population: nativity, naming ceremony, abortion, mutilation
Child marriage, infant rape, child labour —
We shall do chilledren’s day


Children, bear with us
Change is on top of the situation
Though chilled we shall warm you up
Cook you soft, make you Governors
With free ejaducation, slave liberation,
take you to space make you chop like craze
leave you in space let you Jack your whims
On this abundant Island free of Lords and Flies…

Chilledren RESIST

Fabu ooo Fabu Fabu oo Fabu
Doro Doro Lai-s, Doro Doro Lai-s
Doro wise, Doro Smart, Doro Rise
Doro mega Super think…
Papa told us ooo, he told us
Papa was once a child, he told us
Of how you promised him, he told us
Of how you promised Grandpa, he told us
Of how you promised Grandma, he told us
Of how you promised mummy, he told us
Of how you promised genealogy, he told us
When they were also chilledren, he told us
To give them lots things spree, he told us
To give them free fewture, he told us
To make them pres-cedent, he told us
To make them ante-ccident, he told us ….

You don forget
Say if we start to talk …
You don forget say we go also grow up
You don forget say you dey like us before
If pikin hand no get freedom, elder hand no go rest
If we start to talk…
If pikin tongue no taste beta life, elder mouth no fit sweet
If we start to talk….
If pikin eyes no enjoy better light, elder eyes no fit sleep
Na wetin pikin sabi na hin pikin go talk
If pikins start to talk….

I see a revolution
Of diz yang folks chantin a song
Of free, redeem, like us dream
African children, dream; Africa child, resist!!!


Litterateur famously called Literati, Babajide Michael Olusegun writes to heal, teach and opine. But when none of these seem to flow with his writing thoughts, he seeks an alternative in performance poetry. Don’t ask him what he does for a living; he is still busy living. He was shortlisted for the Uganda-based BabisaiNiwe Poetry Prize last year and is currently a mentee in the BabisaiMentorship Programme.

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