Wow! It feels good to be back! So sorry about the long break. Did you miss me, up? You didn’t?! Ouch! (Single tear drop) — but I did miss writing you stuff anyway. Yours writefully, I had to take a sit-back-reflection-timeout, yeah! Y’all should try it out sometime – but it shouldn’t be as lengthy as mine — just kidding anyway; take all the time you need! Just be sure to come back better.

• Funmi Ogunniran

• Funmi Ogunniran

I recently had the rare privilege to feel the way the talent-sharing master in the Bible feels in that passage.

OK, lemme break this down…

On this particular day, I began to feel useless, impact-less, unfulfilled and boring to myself; my life was revolving around me alone. I suddenly felt nostalgic about some things I have on my inside but wasn’t utilising anymore. I’m talking of gifts and talents. I began to feel like I was simply wasting away… felt anger welling up on my inside towards me. How could you, Funmi? No, you used to be like this and that; you could do this and that — and blah, blah.

At about that time it dawned on me why the talent-sharing master was angry at his servant with the one talent and who buried it up! Little did the servant know that the one talent could birth another and that could go on to birth a million. He should have told himself that, yes, I have one talent unlike others but, I will make it count even if it’s useful for a baby…

Look, you might not have the crowd of followers or a multitude of witnesses; you might just have your neighbors, daughter, house-keeper, pupil, colleague, or that bosom or far-away friend — you still got to make a meaningful contribution to their lives.

Your smile or friendliness could be your one talent. It could be your determination or ability to organize things, or get things done. Your decency might be all that teenager needs to make a resolve to live right and do things right. Just make sure you reproduce it! Reproduce yourself! Reproduce the good in you in someone else’s life…you will be amazed at how well people will turn out just by doing this…

Lemme share this short story with you.

As a newbie in marriage, I wouldn’t know when electric power was restored in my home; so, the generator will keep running until I find out or notice that my neighbor’s gen was off already. Twice I’ve found out that power was restored and I put off my gen and my neighbor’s. Believe me it paid off because afterwards, they will put off mine too whenever power was restored, thereby saving us both some fuel — and you know what that means in this country now!

So, teach good by doing good! And use those talents you’ve got, to make things right.

Until next time…


Funmi Ogunniran

Olufunmi Ogunniran loves to tell ‘The Truth’ always but first to herself. She is passionate about making things work and she believes everyone has some good to offer. She rights wrong by doing right.






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