Bravearts Africa Mag in PDF: AVANT-GARDE Issue (Issue #5)

Bravearts Africa Mag Special Issue — “AVANT-GARDE” — is Finally Out! Download Free or Read Online

Bravearts Africa, Issue 5: Avant-garde

Bravearts Africa, Issue 5: Avant-garde

We have finally released here Bravearts Africa Mag Special Issue (Issue 5), tagged AVANT-GARDE.

Avant-garde in the senses with which we pitch our focus in this issue, means two related things, going from the definition entries of Microsoft® Encarta® Dictionaries: English (2009). The word Avant-garde, as adjective, thus refers, on the one hand, to something being artistically innovative, experimental, or unconventional; and, on the other hand, to someone or some people belonging to the group of writers, artists, filmmakers, or musicians whose work is innovative, experimental, or unconventional.

We have released this special issue to celebrate avant-garde styles, forms and contents in the practices of art and literature of just a few really gifted and proficient African writers and artists of our own young generation.

Of course, this selection is in no way an inclusive or exhaustive list of African avant-garde writers and artists, or even of the top 8 at all. What we have done is to present a compendium of a few different styles and forms of avant-garde art and artists, and avant-garde writing and writers.

Enjoy the rich special edition.

(Note: Bravearts Africa Mag Issue is designed with multiple layouts on A4 and is best read on Adobe PDF Reader and on a high-resolution screen such as pad/tablet or smart phone, or else on a PC screen.)


Download the PDF Free – Click HERE!

Or Read Online via Issuu – Click HERE!


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