The age-long battle for supremacy has always left majority in a confused state. Some wonder why is the tussle; others don’t know the reason for the battle. A significant number of people don’t know why they are fighting, yet they seem to be adhere to the rule of the game. Many don’t know who they are fighting for until they realize that the edge of their very own sword is pointed at their jugular. By then, it would have been too late. The energy to finish the battle is already in the hand of the enemy. And there it goes. The battle is over.

• Dr. Ayodeji Alade

• Dr. Ayodeji Alade

The question of who emerges the winner is hard to fathom when a person fights and wins against self. Then we must start considering the components of man. Is it the battle of a component against the other? Body, soul and spirit in harmony make a healthy person; however, imbalance in taming any one of them may incur an implosive damage to the bearer’s personality.

The focus on any of these components zooms to clarity the need to pay keen attention to each and every module that constitutes a creature of ingenuity called man.

Attention on the mind, in the opinion of scholars about the issues of the mind, ascribe it to be the battlefield of what would later become of a person’s hinge on existence; hence, the maxim “Battlefield of the mind”.

The mind is set like a stage to allow or deny the landing of varying thoughts which have the huge prospect of becoming your thoughts following attentive meditation; your words after there is no more space to hold it in your heart but just to say it; your actions when the words are ready to find expression through your members; your habits when you can no longer do without them, and your world when you can’t live outside of them. From this, we can see that your world is traceable to your thought, and which is also dependent on how the stage at your mind is set. This is the mindset.

Your mindset up to a certain age may not be by your own arrangement, especially during the formative years when the bulk of what you learn is basically from imitation and orders. Instructions are perpetually dished out by parents and ‘well-wishers’ and you have no choice but to just carry out these orders. In the process, you are already framing the future on the premise of other people’s belief system. You may not be aware of it but you are neck deep in its stage management.

The breakthrough point for any person in engaging the treasure of the mind is when he knows, understands and realizes that he can determine what lands and settles on his mind and consequently frame his world from that cascade that begins from the thought. Only then will the person realize that not every thought that flashes across their mind is their thought. The thought becomes their thought when they brood on it, meditate on it and consider it.

Every thought has the potential of becoming your world, but if there is no brooding — and which is your exclusive right, it dies. Brooding is what makes a hen’s eggs become her eggs. She is on top of the situation constantly making efforts to ensure they survive. Providing them with every needed condition for continuity of life. There may not be any locomotion, yet the eggs are alive. Respiration may not be noticeable in the eggs, yet formation and growth is taking place. The eggs may be dead silent, yet they are making a statement of survival by being under the care of the mother hen, staying strong within the dark shell, waiting for the right moment for the shell to crack and see the light of living.

Without brooding, an egg laid by a hen would be called an egg and not her egg. The egg on my kitchen tray is mine and not the hen’s. I’ve taken the possession and absolute responsibility over it. I can boil it, fry it, bake it or even spill it. This is why the point at which the destiny of all the eggs you’ve so far eaten and will ever eat in your lifetime is denied being a chick, is that point when the hens are dispossessed of them.

There is a clear-cut difference between “a thought” and your thought. A thought is undefined while your thought takes your responsibility. If an evil thought as bad as you killing your father flashes across your mind, it is not your thought until you start examining it and thinking about smooth ways to execute this; and, hence, it becomes your thought.

Stop fretting over stray thoughts; they are like UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) in the galaxies. You may wonder at a moral inkling you have, or that flash of obnoxious thought, or perhaps a ‘corrupt’ you, or the random thought of helping someone in need. It is a stray thought regardless of the ‘moral’; you may be led by it by initiating the process of making it your world through brooding on it. And a ‘corrupt’ you too can let the good thoughts settle for a change of personality.

Let us face it squarely and set our mind in such a way that it will be suitable for the absolute growth and survival of healthy thoughts only. This is my mindset.

—Ayodeji Alade, MD


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