Billion dollar lessons on Wisdom 2


Every person or organization needs to always walk the path of Wisdom. As a personal and organizational development consultant, I have these lessons to share after studying the Proverbs of King Solomon.

1. Go for Godly instructions.. God is the giver of the best gifts, He gives wisdom. Consistently receive God’s instructions into your heart, then you will definitely understand them and with this understanding comes uncommon depth and insight.

  1. Invest in Quality Information. When you seek and apply quality information and instructions, your knowledge bank will increase and you will walk the path of wisdom.

3 . You need an effective Strategy.
Experts have established that we all make about 35,000 decisions every day! We all need to make good judgments, honest decisions in little issues to billion-dollar decisions for a great deal. Wisdom helps you make the best decisions.

• Emmanuel Ayeni

• Emmanuel Ayeni

  1. Strengthen your Network.
    Everyone’s net worth is a product of her network. From family to work or business, we all need quality relationships.
    Wisdom will help build and keep your relationships.
  2. You need Successful Execution.
    Strategy is nothing without execution.
    There is a great deal of Wisdom in doing the right thing at the right place and time and with the right set of people. However some people deliberately choose to do the opposite — all things negative and mediocre. Wisdom will keep you away from such people. Access is a gift and wisdom is a shield. Anything negative and mediocre isn’t sustainable. Integrity and Excellence are sustainable and can be perpetuated.

Keep Rising to  Greatness.

—Emmanuel Ayeni

Lifecoach, Engineer and Entrepreneur

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