The Turning of Day to Night | a poem by Carolyn Banks Ose (1994 – 2016)

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Photo Credits:


(For Jo Milne)

Dear Jo,

Watching the blazing Spanish sunset on the beach:

The molten sun melting into a sea before your eyes

Shimmering with coloured light

It was a miracle — an everyday miracle,

The turning of day to night.

It held a special poignancy

Because it is the last of its kind

The last you may ever see.

The sunset is, in fact, a metaphor of your diminishing sight.

As light ebbs from a darkening sky, so it fades from your eyes.


As one sense fades, another regenerates

A sign that you’re not alone.

Though the doors of your blue eyes are close to the beauty of nature

They are yet open to eternity.

Your eyes have given you another door to see the world,

To hear it and to understand it more than you have ever before.


This poem is published in honour of the memory of Carolyn Banks Ose and with permission from her family.


Carolyn Banks Ose

Carolyn Banks Ose (1994 – 2016) was a poet, songwriter and lover of anything art. She had studied English at the University of Lagos before her demise recently. Her literary collection and debut work will be soon be released posthumously.



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