The Kwashiorkor Republic | a poem by Oluwafemi Babasola

Image credits: Adrianna Collazo on YouTube

Image credits: Adriana Collazo on YouTube

Take a look at her where she lay
She looks completely lame
Having plentiful abundance, yet starving
Blessed with admirable and nutritious delicacies
Yet, she daily cries of hunger
My dear kwashiorkor lady

Her heavy weight head takes it all
It amasses all her resources
The very one she chose to lead
The one who should serve her loyally
Makes sure nothing is left for the other members of her body
My dear kwashiorkor lady

Her increasing balloon shaped breadbasket is ironic
It tells of how richly bequeathed she is
She is blessed with a jumble collection of resources
She has everything anyone could ever ask for
Nonetheless, she has not a thing
My dear kwashiorkor lady

Her pale black finger-like hands
Her strength, the one she calls her future, dies away
Her feeble working hands are given the least attention
As it is daily weakened
To get her mammoth head bigger
My dear kwashiorkor lady

Her bony feet could be taken for an ostrich’s
Everyone sees those legs of hers dangle
The burden bearing limbs need to be supported
She does nothing as her anchorage falters
She watches as her once buoyant economy crashes
My dear kwashiorkor lady

Her sulking and teary eyes plead for aid
As she presses her palm against her rib revealing chest
She wants the members of her body to give a fight
For her failing health
Who will save her?
And will you help my dear kwashiorkor lady?


Oluwafemi Babasola is a poet and writer. He loves writing passionately as writing to him is a tool he loves express himself with. He writes a range of genres which include motivation, sports, fitness tips and thought-provoking articles.


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