Only for a while | a poem by Kayode Taiwo Olla

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits:

Tell those tyrant politicos—

all those leaders vile!—

who cause the poor masses gross woes,

and wink at our many sorrows,

filling us with bile…

tell those chameleons—friendly foes—

who gained our trusts, who gained our votes

through promises empty, hollow—

through their tortoise wiles…

tell those light-fingered hands that knows

deft skill in fiddling funds… oh no!—

look, tell those corrupt politicos,

’t wouldn’t always continue so…

It’s but for a while!

IMG_20151225_151132_134Kayode Taiwo Olla is a lover of Black art and literature, and of a bit of the blues, in music, mood and color. He is a lecturer as well as a graduate student by daytime and a reader as well as a writer by dusk. He wishes for ever he can just paint with brush like artists do!

Kayode Olla is cofounder of and he blogs at


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