This Poem is in Love with a Country | a Poem by the Parliament of Poets, UNILAG

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Photo Credits:

This poem is not your poem
But this poem is a poem you must hear
The poets of this poem are not your poets
But the poets of this poem are now your poets
Cos this poem is here to tell you a story
Of Love and Politics of Politics and Love
Of a woman:
Her name is Wazobia
Please don’t ask me how I knew her
She wears only Green and White
Don’t even think of asking why I fell for her
She was born in 1914
And married me in 1960
But wait, I am just 18
Now you are thinking she is older than me
Her family history is quite broad though brief
So don’t think I will dabble into it.

This poem shall sing her praise
Without drums and Dundun, Tambourine and Trumpets, flutes and lyres and Clarinet.

This poem shall speak of her
In foreign phrases she may not understand

This poem is in love
With a dame who is full of wants yet full of oil

Cos this poem remembers:
rape colonialism rape partisanism
PROS-titutionism Corruptionism
Dasukism Fayoseism cum FFKism
Briberism Metuism
Despotism Vandalism
This poem says, hey you there
Don’t think she is so beautiful to be shared
This poem says O you my friend
She is meant for only I and me

This love is political
Cos this love is national not emotional
This love is for Wazobia
Whose breasts are full, laps are large, lips are cute;
This love is for a woman
Whose womb is never vacant; whose looks are luring
This love is not attractive but this love is patriotic
This love is not a romance of kisses, sex, porn and fun
But (pause)

This poem is in love with a country
And speaks of her with love not lust
This poem this love this love this poem
Is a pledge to Nigeria my country.

Listen to the poem in spoken word performance by the Parliament of Poets, University of Lagos -- on this page.

The Parliament of Poets is a movement group of emerging voices of Nigerian Undergraduates from the University of Lagos. She exists to converge all the voices of poetry from wherever they can be heard and whatever courses they are studying in the institution. Her sole aim is to raise poets that will be the acknowledged legislators of the world — hence, the name by which they are called: The PoP: Parliament of Poets.


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