willful Quadriplegia | a poem by Babajide Michael Olusegun



this minute a thought; next
minute the thought of an action-
in a flash; the action of thinking:
the thought of a thought

I’ve once imagined:
a stomach without hunger
a heart without desire
a stage without-action!

you don’t feel the sleeping urge
no tooth to brush; no dirt to scrub.
you don’t feel tormenting passions
no dame to love; no foe to flee from

nothing; I’ve once imagined:
a god who feeds your hunger
while yours is to lick the oozing aroma
a hand who cooks the meal
while you simply sit there — miles from the hearth
while fresh air, busy, fans the fluorescent ember.

while your stomach is busy: swelling
cos there isn’t even the need to shit.

I’ve once imagined a life like these:
strife free. just a god-hand-
god thought. a god vision. god life. god job
sweats falling without stress, sneeze bursting
out uninvited; eyes blinking without planning: freely;
farts flying free without my industry.

cos what is a god!
if I must work, talk, have fun n be bored
then what’s a god!
if I must cry, laugh, pain mixed with pleasure
then why the eye-of-god!
if I must still think, need a muse, yet fall bad critique;
worship, fall-rise, kneel in sacrifice —
so what’s my thinking!
if you would still say hi or nay!
I, mere pawn on the chessboard of playful, gambling gods!!

pixBabajide Michael Olusegun (Literati) is a poet who writes and chants. His can be called Spokentry. He is a poet of the masses and a poet for humanity. He is Literary Editor for Bravearts Africa.

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