The Price of Naivety | a poem by Adedayo Ademokoya

• Photo Credits: PBZilla

• Photo Credits: PBZilla

The heart of a young man
Pure and tender
He refuses to go out of his shell
Just calm and gentle
He would not know
That his heart slowly acknowledged herThis lady was just too good for him to reject
Her smooth and chocolate body
Her enticing smile
Her blue eyes
Her elegant walk
Her soft words
Swept him off his feet
But he pretended not to know
He tried to wave it off his mind
It would just keep coming
When he couldn’t stop the desire
He decided to make a move
So that he would justify his troubled heart
They formed friendship
With one of them knowing the destination
After a lot of delay
He decided to come out plain
To execute his mission
But it was too late
The lady’s heart has gone for another
He was bounced back
He was heartbroken
He was pushed back into his shell
When the lady broke the bombshell
He forgot that
Delay is dangerous
He was disturbed
He was restless
Wondering what could have gone wrong
Little did he know
He paid the price for his naivety
His confidence shrunk
And the snail enclosed itself in its shell
He learned his lesson
Never to delay in his approach
But for now
He paid the price for naivety

Adedayo Ademokoya is an undergraduate of Osun state University, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. He is a poet and a writer. He is cool, open to learning and lively. He loves listening to music and supports Manchester United FC of England.


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