Two Psycho-Poems by Babajide Michael

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Babajide Michael, in an email cover note to his latest piece, unveils something of the creative muse behind his pungent psycho-poems. “In a society where young writer’s efforts are unknown and given scarce attention,” he writes, “it seems appropriate to me to consider the psycho-social implications of this neglect and abandonment, especially when writer’s writings are only celebrated through, or giving editorial audience under, the periodic benevolence of literary contests and call for submissions.” We hope that you enjoy as well as engage the poems. —Editors-in-Chief

SchizoPoetrenia – 1
(dedicated to the unknown writer)

i know a voice whose I, rhymes. dont rhyme with life

i know a verse, pride
not proud. whose muse. cant win a prize

the editor’s thought preemption seen
unseen. the cadence soundless yet heard…
Dionysian contest. Dionysian contest

peep pee p ing into Greece — from Nigeria
oeuvre grows a big eye lines sprout wings to fly…
Nobel fight; Nobel BrittlePaper’s Out of Bound
in the mind.
of delus sion though in paranoid
escape, am SchizoPoetrenia —

whose eye is a ghost yet lives big and bold…

SchizoCreaWriter – 2
(whose debutting is a crime)

my pen has a bulb-megawatt shush

whilemyscroll,powerbanked,ooze the ink;

it’s a lie.

no publisher

has my time…

I have been read, though black, everywhere
thehubbubofreaders, encore, cerebralaudience

give hope. me, i am skewed, no grants
a cassava turns me down
a republic picks me up



pixBabajide Michael Olusegun (Literati) is a poet who writes and chants. His can be called Spokentry. He is a poet of the masses and a poet for humanity. He is Literary Editor for Bravearts Africa.


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