Quietease | a poem by Kayode Taiwo Olla

• Photo Credits: Dogster.com

Light showers and sparse sunrays
beaming through the rains
are intermittent rainbows of respite
and relief – in the tropic sun-heat of our busy world:
give me a life of some quiet, a comforting sunshine
against the window of my somber newspaper study!

Give me a quiet life, a love
that’s returned and isn’t forlorn
when i’m yet a naïve li’l boy tryin’
first-time to pick a pretty Rose—give me
a lover-heart that’s free of aches and breaks, a life
of some peaceful quiet.

And an ensuring peaceful pride rock of Simba and Nala
where there are no media rants the Nala-Rose is my baby mama
and where our pridehome is purely private and
just the workfield public—where the noise of the public
media gets nowhere near our quiet (e-)den; a life of
sequestered quietness.

So, let me, time after time, find breathing
space amid these fast-paced, breathtaking
hi-tech innovations of the time. And amid the depressing
upheavals and downturns of society here, the hectic hustle and
bustle of the workaday life and the busy work travels and
flights, let me look up just every once in a while

and be able to see over me a star-lit night sky
unmasked by skyscrapers or factory exhausts; or, stand still
and be able to hear the birdsong from woods
un-swallowed by the nagging noise of wailing sirens,
and roaming helicopters, and congested roadblocks.
Let me find quiet peace

while I harvest money from a professional
and literary career. So, give me the tranquil old life
of a successful retired professor and writer with coffee
and newspaper in his loose hand, and with great grandkids
making fun of his wreath of works, and accolades,
and awards—and just all he can do is laugh
at himself!


Kayode Taiwo OllaKayode Taiwo Olla is the author of two works – a novel, Sprouting Again (Syncterface, London; 2011), as well as a collection of performance-oriented love poems, Softlie (Synterface, London; 2013). Holding a BA from Obafemi Awolowo University and an MA from the University of Ibadan, he is a lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Nigeria. He devotes his time outside the lecture halls to his family and to Bravearts Africa which he co-founded with his wife.

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