Tonight | a poem by Tola Kayode-Olla


Photo Credits: Arcadian Getaways

We will boycott the activities of the day
From the world of words we will stray
We will bury ourselves in the crust of passion
Drown ourselves in the river of emotion
Our souls will rise to the ecstasy of the moment
And our bodies will dance to the rhythm of feelings

We will neglect the tick of the clock
And fill our ears with the air of affections
We will be dead to reason
And rise to the season of our feelings
We ourselves will become the nature that will nurture us
In negligence of the art of the artificial world

I will be the earth
And you will be the sky that hovers over me
You will unlock your tap upon me as rain
And my earth will ferment it
Rap my lips with yours and kiss me
Tease me with the whispers of your windy breath
Stark me naked like the sun does the day
Embrace me with your moon

You alone will fulfill my desire
You alone will kindle my fire
You alone will lift me higher
Tonight we will have it all
The meal of passion
The water of affections
Free the shackles of restriction
Unlock the tap of emotions
Fill the gap of silence with action

Tonight we will write a new story
With the ink of desire
On the wall of love
Words of passion
Punctuations of affections
Paragraphs of feelings
Pages of romance
Tonight we will tell our story
And fill ears with the air of our love
We will have it all tonight
Cos tonight is our honeymoon


Tola Adegbite OllaTola Kayode-Olla is a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She is a potter and a poet, and a lover of art and of words. She is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bravearts Africa

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