high school | a poem by Omotayo Adegbite

• Photo Source: Huffington Post

Photo Source: Huffington Post

spare the trash
speak no more farce
high school can never be over
tell a new tale, we aren’t parting
it doesn’t have to end
does it?

the best feeling in the world
we are in the highest class in high school
it aren’t by individual power but by joint pull
the teachers aren’t smart xo we had our way
thought we were great until we heard a voice
neither angelic nor demonic
it was the principal: “ss3 class should wait behind”
to our legs he delivered the message
like the sound when twin towers collapsed
for hours we worked on the field
calluses filled our hands
hunger our tummy
we dared not cry
popopo — our slang was the offense and lashes the punishment

where else in the world can i experience that again?
oke-wire and sam struggling with the generator like enemies
sodiq bouncing like a ball
oyin running around for chalice, host and angelus
sewa screaming like banshee
idayhat’s endless gists
grace’s proverbs and parables
just tell me where else
buddies’s respect made my leg colored with lashes
i knew whose phone rang but never spoke
i knew the one who wrote no on the last examination schedule sheet
lots of secrets, loads of fights but they remain my best
76 awesome nighas
just tell me high school isn’t over
cus i don’t wish it ever has to.


Omotayo Adegbite is a 200 Level student of French at Osun State University. She is a poet and a good conversationist.


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