Wasting Moonlight | a poem by Ndifreke George

- Photo Credits: Nature wallpaper and background

Photo Credits: Nature wallpaper and background

Weeping for the wasting moonlight
Replaying the fun of yesteryears
Painful like the miscarriage of a first son
How the spice of African childhood is lost
In the same coffin of civilization
That bodies the remains of our sweet culture
No child to play under the moonlight
To chant the ancient tale of folk stories
Deeply rooted in the Black cultures and beliefs
That keep our history fresh and alive
Like the virginity of an old woman
No noisy fun from storytellers
No whistling with the birds and swimming with the fish
No child crying for native soup with a pot of clay
Staining the hands with red palm oil
No child to play the cunny hide-and-seek
Telling the time by sunset and instinct
Beautiful night but wasting moonlight


Ndifreke GeorgeNdifreke George (N’SOME) is an emerging writer. First published at nineteen, and although of science discipline, his creative talent has shot him into writing of poems, articles, songs, scripts, novels etc. His poems have been published on Nigerian and international literary magazines and journals like Tuck Magazine, The Poetry Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antartica Journal. Few of his articles as well have appeared on the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper. He has done a great deal including grooming students to write a book, and is aiming to do more.

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