Amnesia | a poem by Kayode Taiwo Olla

• Photo Sourced from Pinterest (1000+ Black and White Photos)

– Photo Sourced from Pinterest (1000+ Black and White Photos)

You are the definition of
what I don’t know, Bae;
what eludes my mind.

Make me recall moments
that never happened – with
souvenirs that forget, the
moment they happened.

But they are evidences
of things not seen,
things not there.

But still, in your lovely
eyes I see me, living,

And re-acquaint myself with
the man in the mirror of
your pretty blue eyes.

I am the refraction, the
reflection in your eyes. I see
me — in you. Shut
me in.

—Inspired by a creative idea of developing random meanings from, and carefully arranging into a raw and powerful montage poem, series of paradoxical and meaningless creative lines that come to mind as raw as they are powerful, during brainstorming; and then, thinking up a title that seems to capture the resultant narrative somewhat.

Kayode Taiwo OllaKayode Taiwo Olla is a lover of Black — the color and the people; and a lover of the blues — in color, music and mood. He is an English/Literature lecturer by daytime and a literary/creative writer by dusk; and, heart issues and mind themes are his muse’s fondest things. Kayode publishes Bravearts Africa magazine and keeps a profile blog at He wishes for ever he can just paint with brush like artists do!


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