Somebody Help | a poem by ’Deji Adeyemi

- Photo Sourced from Pinterest (Images about Poverty)

– Photo Sourced from Pinterest (Images about Poverty)

My spirit free is matted

my energy unformed is ethereal

my mind untapped is bare

my head formless is so torrid—

will you help me?


I am the voice of the lost

flinching for solace in the confines of insanity

I am the mouth of the dumb

finding expression in the silence of the siren

I am the head of the headless

shouting in the hollows of my sockets

I am the brain of the nitwits

bawling for wisdom from the shallows of the deep

I am nobody calling to everybody for somebody


the shivering maggot claims the wet soil

it coils its rear to reclaim its ownership

snakes its way through the rocked soil

in search of the wreathe water wet with worry

dodging from the tantrums of the lord of the sky

blazing fury with heat smudges

sucking the land of moisture

smirking from miles above the mountain zeniths



help me please

I am the daughter of the barren nun

who labored in pain when her womb was seared

I am the son of the penis-less priest

who cooed at the entrance of the Bermuda Triangle

I am the brother to the sisters of the brotherhood

they shed light for the tunnel in the woods

I am the sister to the brothers of the maternity

they made lilies out of the thorn-less roses


I am the confused man under the bridge of thoughts

I am the deranged woman under the influence of childbirth

I am the victim of your quest for knowledge

I am the victor of your insanity for power

I am the miserable product of your misery

I am the rightful willful bastard from your insatiable cunts

I am who I am

your worst nightmare



won’t you then help me?

what I am was what you are

what I was is what you will be

after all, I am you

I long to be free cum fair

help me!!!


’Deji Adeyemi is a writer, poet, freelance journalist and blogger. He has been published both in national and international newspapers, websites and blogs. He manages and edits The Conversational Series and he studied English Language at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.


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