I was in Love | a poem by Ndifreke George

- Photo Credits: Ndifreke George

– Photo Credits: Ndifreke George

I was in love
When I was far too young to understand
What it meant to be in love
But I deeply believed in that feeling
So overwhelming and ineffable
That brought me sleepless nights
And turned me into peeking and trailing on her
A love I only claimed but haven’t yet won

I was in love
When my letters told sweet lies
Like picking a golden pen from a golden basket
To write golden words form the bottom of my golden heart
A visible lie mocked by blue ink dribbling from my Eleganza biro
Thanks to the air-freshener that gave me a hedge
Likewise the red Ixora that replaced the scarce rose
And I begged her brother to be my friend
I was in love
When I rode cars made from sticks and empty cans
And went in my pink shorts to deliver my letters
Faster than the trusted NIPOST now in extinction
When my brain could keep the exact time she would pass by our house
To run errands for her dad and mom
And I became the escort who never got paid
A prisoner of hope and faith
I was in love
When I would dress like a moonwalker
But never step out until she could see me
When Dad would beat me for an accidental bedwetting
And I refused to cry cos she lived opposite our house
Then Dad tried to drag me to shame me in public
But I held to the table in a till-death-do-us-part grip
Dad never understood that I had dignity to protect
I was in love
When I would make the greatest sacrifice for her
And bled scalding tears in secret for the painful loss
And I went sick for not seeing her for a day
When I thought we would grow up inseparable together to be forever
But she suddenly grew beyond my league
And I cried cos she left even before my very eyes
Ndifreke GeorgeNdifreke George (N’SOME) is an emerging writer. First published at nineteen, and although of science discipline, his creative talent has shot him into writing of poems, articles, songs, scripts, novels etc. His poems have been published on Nigerian and international literary magazines and journals like Tuck Magazine, The Poetry Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antartica Journal. Few of his articles as well have appeared on the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper. He has done a great deal including grooming students to write a book, and is aiming to do more.

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