The little nature of life…

– Photo Credits: Literary Photographer

By Tola Kayode-Olla

– Tola Kayode-Olla

At the burial of the moon on a Saturday for the birth of the sun on a Sunday, my five senses acclaim the punctuation of life in the wheel of time. It’s another week and weakness begets our life span.

Well, I will not sadden our heart with the bitter truth of the final full stop; I will only charge our minds to the punctuations of our life. As we all know that literature reflects our little nature of life, the real punctuation in our little nature is…

Well, the end that births a new beginning. It is for the unsaid words in public places, for our deepest secrets, for the language used behind closed doors, for the bitter truths we coat with sweet words, for the music that only sings in our hearts, for our un-discussed discussions.

Literature in some other words is a little nature. It encompasses all; the sanity, madness, happiness, emotion, feelings, love, hatred… all you can ever think of, all you can ever feel, all you can ever say in words. And, sex… everything. Everything; you will find sex in everything.

When you see your deepest thoughts in words, read it; understand it. Leave the mess and take the message. Enjoy the lie and live the reality.

Have a great week!


Tola Kayode-Olla

Cofounder, Editor-in-Chief

Bravearts Africa

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