The Climax | a poem by Tola Kayode-Olla


Hot like hell
Bold like death
Known like the air
He’s got it all


Confides in fear
Walks beneath the nose of the world
She is his foil


It began with the flame
His fame masked her shame
Like a spell
His scent ensnared her emotion
Like a bell
His voice aroused her attention
They were new
New on the pew
He was new to her church
She was new to his touch
He couldn’t tell
When he fell for her entirely
She couldn’t say
When he got her completely


Like a storm, like thunder
Like a current, like fire
It ensnared their souls
She shivered, he quivered
It dominated his flesh
Heightened her temperature like fever
Pressure for its pleasure
Sweat for its sweetness
Like the end of life
He groaned, she moaned
She screamed, he gasped for breath
They… climaxed.


Tola Adegbite OllaTola Kayode-Olla is a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She is a potter and a poet, and a lover of art and of words. She is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bravearts Africa

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