He Arose | an Easter poem by Ndifreke George

– Photo Credit: Gospel Coalition

He arose…
The anthem resounds in the air
My very soul sings for joy
As my spirit breaks free into praise
Angels bow in grand reception
The contract of salvation is sealed

He arose…
Death and hell are at a salute
Conquered and trampled under feet
God’s prophecies prove their potency
The spirit of Prophet Isaiah rejoices
He is bailed from numberless accusers

He arose…
The Pharisees and Scribes will deny their unbelief
Doubting Thomases will see for themselves
The nail-pierced hands and feet
That bleed the blood that never runs dry
Pouring into a fountain I love to bathe in

He arose…
Never to die again
Pow’r and might are His
Laud and glory, even more He deserves
He has conquered death and sin
And has given us the victory

He arose…
Jesus of Nazareth—King of the Jews
Through the Word everything came to be
The earth trembles and heaven rejoices
He arose to give me life, power, and victory over all
He arose and I have arisen with Him


Ndifreke George (N’SOME) is an emerging writer. First published at nineteen, and although of science discipline, his creative talent has shot him into writing of poems, articles, songs, scripts, novels etc. His poems have been published on Nigerian and international literary magazines and journals like Tuck Magazine, The Poetry Community,  Social Justice Poetry, The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Praxis Magazine and The Antartica Journal. Few of his articles as well have appeared on the Calabar-based Nigerian Chronicles Newspaper. He has done a great deal including grooming students to write a book, and is aiming to do more.

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